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Sophro-Analysis of prenatal memories, birth and childhood

"Your soul in control  ©"

"Be the change yourself  what you want to see  in the world. " Gandhi




THERAPEIA:  "  healing and the return to wholeness, requires the recognition and understanding of the deepest wounds"



        It is a "brief therapy", the duration of which depends on your history and the objectives that will be determined together. 

It allows us to update, understand and release the conscious or unconscious origins of our beliefs.  (energy-thoughts) that influence our daily lives.

We all have beliefs (any idea you accept as true), some are positive and helpful and some (the ones we are going to deal with) are alienating (lack of self-love, worthlessness, lack of self-confidence, guilt ....).  


         These limiting beliefs have been put in place since intrauterine life .  and when  hurtful or hurtful events  experienced in our childhood . They limit us and prevent us  to have full access to our inner resources and .... this is how, without our knowledge, scenarios materialize  in all aspects of  our adult life.


These beliefs prevent us from actualizing our Inner Self!


"Feeling compassion and love while being able to firmly cut the ties that have become obsolete,

such is the second stage of the journey of a Psyche who courageously explores the abyss of her inner world"


        The sophro-analysis of prenatal memories will allow us to revisit the construction of our memories in the history of our conception until today. It's a kind of reprinting that will take place with new understandings of each painful moment that has been experienced, because at those times we did not have all the elements to understand what was happening and therefore  we could only interpret them.


In concrete terms, the session takes place in a pleasant and relaxing setting, in a state of gentle relaxation.

Eyes closed you stay  aware and I accompany you to allow you gently:


  • to have safe access to the events which constitute the root of the current limitations,

  • to release the emotional memories that block you, 

  • to install new energy and new understandings in an expanded consciousness,

  • to understand its meaning in order to fully integrate it into your path of evolution,

  • to be born  truly to oneself , through a deep and lasting transformation,

  • to realize your potential  real (gifts, resources, creativity....) in all aspects of your life.


  Each session (1h00 to 1h30) is one more step towards liberation

and its effects manifest immediately in daily life.. ..


It is a method at the service of your soul  (your Self,  your Inner Wisdom)

who alone knows the necessary steps  to allow you  of

"to be born to oneself" (525) i.e. to fully express our "specification" (525)

PRICE: 60 euros per session - copyright 2018 - Legal notice




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