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" Words of Wisdom  give meaning to our lives

and feed  the being of light in us".

818: words of wisdom / giving meaning / the being of light

"Harmony in the macrocosm and the microcosm, as in the human soul, obeys the laws of numbers"


A birth !

Word Yoga ©

Associate Yoga with words, writing, numbers ....

What funny gymnastics, what a game!!!

What a funny idea ?

But for what purpose?

A funny idea?

No !

Just the desire to combine a discipline, Yoga .... with words to bring out well-kept secrets, useful information, a divine quintessence.

Yoga is a path of virtue and purity, its goal is to overcome the call of the senses in order to discover what is transcendent.

Its ultimate goal is "to unite what has been separated", especially the bodily and the spiritual.

There are many Yogas, the postural, that of breathing, that of sounds, that of laughter...etc.

All aim to allow us to be, it is in no way a question of "doing".

We inhabit the postures, the sounds, the breathing, so we "are" the sound, the posture, the breathing...

Words are beings!

So, what could be more natural than to combine Yoga - which helps us to unite body and mind, to achieve this state of union - with words, these "beings" who "desire" to unite with us themselves  to connect us to the Great Spirit, from soul to soul, to thus express in consciousness the Creator Word, this beautiful kingdom, our saviour.

What purpose ?

To bring to life, animate and experience the union of body, mind and soul of words and us and through us.

To inhabit them totally, with all our being...

To discover their magic, their secrets in order to better understand our life, our Self...

To know ourselves better, in order to be born to oneself ... and thus express our specification.

An experience, a tool to bind our being, which is none other than the very desire of our soul....

And for that, we will use the "Gematria", a word from the Hebrew "gematryyia" (numerology) and the Greek "geometria". Process which consists in replacing the letters of a word or a sentence by their numerical value. Words or phrases of the same value in "gemetria" have  a close meaning that kabbalists use to fetch the deep meaning hidden behind the word or phrase.

Let the numbers speak to us so that they allow us to uncover well-kept secrets.


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