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“Where there is belief there is no awareness.
Consciousness intervenes when we reflect, like a mirror,
the first reflection (image created by thought)  by passing it through oneself." (1)


Passionate and playful, I have been researching and training myself for many years. Numbers, Kabbalah, philosophy, astrology, alchemy, psychology, the language of birds... everything is for me a source of learning (learning-wise) to walk towards Wisdom.

Because, as Spinoza said so well, it is a question of "not complaining, not criticizing, not making fun but understanding".

And there is my path, the one that leads me to try to understand  at best the Man in order to help him to go  towards its center, the heart of itself, the seat of Love and Truth.

""Birth to oneself" is more topical than ever because,

by engaging ourselves personally in an awakening,

we choose to work collectively for light and love.” JC Genel

Spirituality, as a "breath", has been pushing me for more than 20 years to grow, to elevate myself not in a sense of superiority, but in the sense of "making the being that I am grow" in order to Be and not Do, because that is what is at stake (the angel - the in -I)...

Indeed, spirituality is neither a religion, nor a philosophy, nor even a concept, it is indeed a way  which leads Man to take care of what is Spirit with a view to personal fulfillment.

"Don't believe, experience!  

It's not belief that will make you evolve, it's experimentation."


My various trainings (naturopathy, numerology, astrology, Weft, Yoga, Sophro-Analysis of prenatal and childhood memories,  Sophrology,  Tree of Life according to Petrov, LaHoChi) allow me to guide you every day on your path, that of your personal accomplishment.

It is with great pleasure that I accompany you to unravel, enlighten and understand ( con-take - take with oneself)  your way  so you can deploy there  all your originality, the Unique Being that you are  there to enrich the world.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any clarification or request for information;

Looking forward to hearing from you or meeting you,


Sophie Bogard

seed sower

(1) C.Castanier Chiron in houses

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