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Troisième oeil

"Writing has always been closely linked to numbers. The idea of assigning a numeral equivalent to words, according to coherent ciphering systems, undoubtedly comes back to the Mesopotamians".


“The true being of things is that internal principle of which number is the form.

Everything is therefore only a number: the sensitive and individual being is a number, the number is number, the substance, the matter, the active or passive qualities of things, the concrete beings, the abstract beings, the soul, the life,

sensation, thought, everything is number".  


The words ! Numbers !

We use them every day, they are creators of our lives...

In this 21st century, wouldn't it be time to give them back all their place, all their magic, all their meaning and nobility? An ideal moment to dive into the depths of words in order to encounter their magic and thus bring out, a little more still in each of us, their immense power of action, creativity and healing.

It is about becoming aware that "The Word became flesh" (1269) to participate in the realization of our being (1269)  , so that a new Man (1269) born.

A One Man, whose feminine and  masculine would be perfectly united in him. Then, union and peace will be truly possible in the world...

Letting the numbers speak to us (1613) is allowing us to uncover secrets (1613) well guarded.



The Yoga of Words©

A new tool to open up a little more to life, to its mysteries and thus have a new understanding of the issues

personal, collective and global.

Isn't the main issue -"angel", "in-I"- to know us better (468) - to know-  i.e. to be born with, a second time, truly...this, in order to  activate (468)  our abilities and our gifts which are related to the will of our soul (1265) , which  say "go to you" (1265)   in order to give birth to the disciple (1265) in you and in each of us.

It's about becoming actors in the transformation taking place in this changing world.

This original concept is  wanted as a tool in which we use the words and  numbers to reveal mysteries

Writing (732)  allows to handle the verb (732) for perceive (732 ) , (pierce to see), magic - "soul works"  - behind the words. It helps to become oneself (732) .

To know, approach and use a word, we mainly use  :

  - The definition (433) who  lets put it to good use by using intelligence (433) that it conveys.


  - The etymology (1116) which makes it possible to establish the explicit name (1116)  of the word, its formal and semantic origin. This is about going back to the origin of the word, to its essential root in order to have a better understanding, a better approach to what the word conveys.

Example with the verb "to assert oneself" which is often associated  a notion of power, when it is a question of "giving shape", of giving shape to one's being... to be meditated on.


- The anagram (265) like for example "spirit" and "guts" this logos  (265),  which makes it possible to perceive the hidden link between  2 words and so here, that the spirit is also nestled in our belly, in our guts but in an unfinished way.



With The Yoga of Words,

It is proposed to  use the "gematria" (657) which names in the Kabbalah, "numerical art, and teaches that 2 words (or 2 sentences) of the same numerical value are deeply linked to each other, one can replace the other and this in a positive and/or negative direction"(1). They then work in both directions (657) thanks to the energy of numbers (657).

Entering the universe of words thanks to gematria is wonderful since secrets, codes, meanings, synchronicities and divine lighting are revealed before our eyes.  (823) participating in the birth of the self (823) .

It gives a new meaning, even a particular essence to words and phrases. In addition, the gematria, allows to update a number carrying an energy and a message in its own right.


(1) - G. Lahy  

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