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“Healing by means of sound will be one of the first means of healing towards the end of the 21st century.  Century

                                                       Alice A. Bailey - The Tibetan.


“Enjoy the music,

it is the formation of inner harmony”


“In the beginning was the sound…the breath…the word…the light”


Singing, clapping, clashing of stones or pieces of wood…sounds have always existed. Result of the air in vibration, they are present since the origin of the world - big-bang...

Everything is sound because everything is vibration as the Egyptians so well evoke through the 3rd law of the Kybalion “everything is vibration, nothing is inert, everything vibrates”.


       The rhythmic setting of sounds, music, has always been considered a true invention of the Gods, "the expression of the higher powers". Moreover, 5 centuries ago, Johannes Tinctoris [1] told us that "the purpose of music is to charm God, put the devil to flight, heal the sick and provoke love".

Isn't the first divine music that cradles us that of our mother's breathing during our intra-uterine development. Breathing, permanent “music” which constitutes the most fundamental aspect of life.

The use of sounds in the field of medicine and the sacred dates back several millennia BC and traces of it can be found in all societies as well as in all spiritual and mystical traditions. For J. Chailley [2] , “music is a universal fact common to all cultures, however primitive they may be…”.


[1] (1435-1511) composer, musician and theorist of the Franco-German school

[2] Jacques Chailley (1910-1999) - great post-war musical figure.

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Pamper yourself.... take sound baths, early morning and relaxation baths
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