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           "When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom"                                                               Confucian                                               

With The Yoga of Words, we therefore use "gematria", each letter corresponding to a number.



So what is behind The Yoga of Words?  whose numerical value is equal to 1312  ?

I suggest you break it down:

The, 30+5 = 35,  

Yoga, 700+60+7+1 = 768

4+5+100 =109

words 40+60+200+100 = 400.

So we have 4 numbers, 35, 768, 109 and 400 which are all words...

35 is "the" but also "decided",

768 is also "connoisseur",

109 is also "help" and

400 is also "beings" or "soon"...


What  gives, if we take these new words from numbers,... " decided to help connoisseur soon "...

which can be transformed phonetically by ...." undecided to help here connoisseur " ...or we keep "the" and that makes " help the connoisseur soon " ...

This total  of 1312, is the same for  "Everything is Number" (1312) but also for "Author Sophie Bogard" (1312) - it's not done on purpose!!!


We can therefore try to apply The Yoga of Words, taking for example a global objective, primordial, essential and desired by the majority of men  

"World Peace" (1029),  

"Sanctification of Conscience" (1029)


Could peace in the world be possible only through the sanctification of the conscience in each of us?

In any case, it is worth digging into the subject, in particular by starting with the word "sanctification", from the Latin " sanctificare ", from " sanctus "-saint and from " facere ", to do... It is therefore a question of "doing healthy" our conscience, to purify it individually, to nourish the collective and thus bring out peace!

This is sanctification (701)  of our consciousness (288) , this basic energy (288), which will allow (701) the awakening of  the alchemist (435) in us so that the sun shines (435) .


Let's continue with the numbers...and the words...

1029 is equal to 12 . This number so important refers us to the 12th card of the tarot,  the "Hanged Man" which sheds other light, in particular that of inviting us to reverse our points of view, to a total reversal of consciousness to get out of the known and take a new look at things, events and beings in order to understand them better, approach them and transmute them...

This card with this number 12, allows you to go to the transformation proposed in the following arcana, "the nameless arcana", also called  "the death".


Back to our  Hangman (429)  who is like  the hanging key (429)  (observe the map) which invites us to build a new  philosophy (429)  in connection with our  soul (46) to make a union (469 from 429+46)  so essential to peace  (680) , a golden energy (680) that we all carry within us and which allows us to  clean up  (680)  in order to activate the  lock  (680) whose hangman releases the key  (680) . Besides, world peace celebrates (1169) the number twelve  (1169) .


Words (400) and numbers are magic, how many things hide behind each of them that we are not aware of. These beings  (400) are there to help us "remove the veil" in front of our eyes in order to perceive "the soul acts" of life at every moment, in the here and now  (832) , only good time to get out of trouble  (832) ...

"the feminine would be the semiotic (843) (study of signs and their meaning)

which has the function of crossing the symbolic system of the dominant language

"to enter the temple of creation (843) .




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