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La refers to the highest frequencies of Light, Love and Wisdom.

Ho for setting them in motion

Chi for the life force of this movement.

A beautiful and powerful E nergie of Unconditional Love of remarkable sweetness.

  E - cleansing vowel of our nervous system preparing our body to welcome more and more energy.

A - vowel of connection to our deep desire for UNity, of connection to the consciousness of our true being

  I - vowel of Awakening, of the UNion between consciousness and unconsciousness

Massage crânien

LaHoChi is an unconventional treatment method that draws its foundations from Chinese medicine.

     The particularity of LaHoChi lies in its proximity to the great master of wisdom known as Lao-Tseu, who "shows the way to the ineffable Way and learns to feel the breath of the world. He offers a philosophy of acting without interfering in the course of things, a journey towards self-knowledge to work in the world".(1)  

-  Lao-Tseu is considered to be the "father" of Taoism, Way of non-action.

It is in no way a question of doing nothing, but rather of seeing that through the inner calm in action, in movement, there is in reality no “acting”.

Thus, the LaHoChi, integrates within it, the very principle of an immanent life force with its own consciousness.

The LaHoChi is not tied to any religion. This is a benevolent energy practice, there to facilitate the conscious harmonization of our energy systems by activating our  self-healing power. .  

Le LaHoChi est une énergie spirituelle de guérison, aux fréquences vibratoires très élevées et très puissantes transmise par l’apposition des mains à travers 5 gestes. Le LaHoChi apporte, par ce biais, une très haute fréquence de Lumière.

Le LaHoChi, permet d’accéder à une plus grande compréhension, à une plus grande conscience et donc à une plus grande compassion afin de soutenir le changement intérieur au coeur de chaque être. Ce soin sert à soutenir la transmutation qui s'opère au coeur de l'être, pour peu qu'il l'ai décidé. 

Le LaHoChi propose une montée en vibration afin d'atteindre un état de conscience d'Amour Pur. 

(1) Catherine Despeux

The LaHoChi can be used on its own or in conjunction with other techniques, and allows, respecting the needs of each:

  - to realign the structure of the body (very complementary to La Trame)

– to relax deeply,

– relieve stress and reduce pain,

– to revitalize body and mind,

– stimulate the immune system,

– to activate the energy system,

– to balance the subtle energies of the body,

– help eliminate toxins,

– to reweave the energy field by repairing gaps, tears and areas damaged by a variety of influences including difficult birth, surgery, radiation, drugs, accidents, past and present wounds of the life, all types of trauma, environmental poisoning, programming

- opens the 21 energy centers of the body (the meridians),

– to open and clean the chakra system,

– expand the energy field,

– to activate the body of light,

– accelerate healing,

– to reach the highest states of meditation or consciousness possible for each person in the present moment

The effects and benefits of LaHoChi are unique to everyone and can be felt for several weeks after a treatment. 

Session lasting an average of 1.5 hours -

Prices: 60.00  euro 

Children under 12 years old 50.00 Euros


Accessible to all, Lahochi requires no special effort and acts holistically. The treatment is carried out fully clothed. After an interview with me, you take a comfortable seat on the massage table.

I put my hands on 5 different positions of the body (head, collarbones, shoulders, hips and thorax) about 10 minutes per position.

I end with a position of global harmonization of the body.

Warning :

All the disciplines known as "holistic medicine" or "parallel medicine" are above all techniques of well-being and spiritual development. They never replace medical treatment. If you are sick or think you might be, see your doctor. Never interrupt medical treatment without consulting your doctor. The information contained in this site is delivered to you for purely informative and awakening purposes.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet! Make good use of it and always exercise caution, discernment and critical thinking. You are in charge of your life and your destiny, don't give control to anyone else.  Sincerely

Sophie Bogard - Practitioner and teacher in LaHoChi - 2022

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