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Redonner à son corps sa vibration initiale







Vibratory sequence acting like a tuning fork that retunes you to your initial vibration and allows your body to find the harmony and alignment necessary for its proper functioning...

The Weft®  is an energy and vibration technique developed by the physicist, alchemist and therapist, Patrick Burensteinas from quantum physics work on the functioning and circulation of energy in 1990.

Explanation by Patrick Burensteinas - click on the icon



The body is made up of a grid on which cellular information circulates. When all is well, the body as a whole is balanced. When one undergoes an emotional, psychological or physical shock, this can cause blockages which will deviate the direction of the flow of information from the body and create imbalances. This will be characterized by repetitive exacerbated emotional states, pain, illness, general malaise at all levels. These are all these emotional shocks or all these accumulations of little things that end up blocking our energy flow like a dam in the middle of a river and that affect our physical or mental health without us always being able to identify their origin.

"I remind you that creation is the agitation of the immobile and that our goal is to find our immobility - again, I did not say immobility. Immobilism is: I do not move and I'm waiting for the gods to feed me. It's not that at all. The universe agitates us, moves us. And we, we're going to reflect.

Re-thinking is never intellectual, it's finding your middle way by creating an energy contrary to that which agitates us.

Which implies that if you are unhappy, if you are sick, it is because you are restless." P. Burensteinas

Our body is an extraordinary instrument but it carries heavy things.  

                        The objective for the person is to release the emotions blocked on his Weft.

It is useful in all physical, relational and emotional disorders: health problems, fatigue, stress, insomnia, anxieties, difficulties in coping...

The practitioner performs 16 gestures that will stimulate a subtle vibration in the whole body and allow to remove what was obstructing and deviating the direction of harmonious circulation of cellular information.  

Thus cleansed and liberated, the body readjusts as a whole and thus regains its original harmony.  

What to expect from Trame®?

The objective is to "shake the threads of the weft of the carpet" and to release the emotions blocked on the weft to bring the person to dissolve his knots, to free himself from his brakes.
After a Trame®, it is very common to feel a state of deep relaxation, well-being and to feel gathered, anchored, confident. This posture will allow us to be able to approach what life has in store for us with more assurance, more confidence and more awareness of who we are.
La Trame® does not replace health practitioners or psychotherapy: it is complementary. The La Trame® technique aims to restore unity in the three dimensions of being: physical, emotional and psychological.
People who have benefited from Trame® treatments have noticed beneficial effects in the following areas (this is a non-exhaustive list):

At the physical level

  • the easing of tensions

  • the increase in energy

  • better concentration

  • the possibility of stabilizing the evolution of the state of the person suffering from a chronic disabling, neurovegetative or autoimmune pathology

  • a decrease in pain

  • a decrease in muscle, joint, digestive or sleep disorders

  • a reduction in problems related to the menstrual cycle and menopause

  • a decrease in the impact of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

psychologically, emotionally

  • reduction of stress, hyperactivity

  • reconciliation with self

  • a release of some unexpressed emotions

  • taking a step back from a situation

  • an awareness of the physical or mental habits that condition us

  • an awareness of what frustrates us and prevents us from moving forward

  • alleviation of depression and anxiety

  • greater ability to manage crisis situations

At the relational level

  • general improvement in family life

  • improving our personal and professional relationships

“The Trame customer should expect to change.

Blockages can "secure" but never solve a situation.

If you don't want to change, don't receive a Frame".

"The Weft does not give energy to the patient, it only restores the circuit;

there is therefore no risk of flaring up a disease. "

Patrick Burensteinas


Course of a session:

The person is lying on their back, fully clothed, eyes closed or open, arms along the body in order to fully relax.

The sequence is composed of 16 gestures starting from the thorax towards the belly, the feet, the belly again and ending with the head.
This technique does not require any manipulation.

Duration: About 1h30

Cost :

60 Euro per session

50 Euros child under 12 years old

50 Euros remotely (contact me)



La Trame is for anyone in the context of work on oneself or accompaniment during a  health problem.

The Weft  does not replace health practitioners or psychotherapy, it is a very nice complement.

All the disciplines known as "holistic medicine" or "parallel medicine" are above all techniques of well-being and spiritual development. They never replace medical treatment. If you are sick or think you might be, see your doctor. Never interrupt medical treatment without consulting your doctor. The information contained in this site is delivered to you for purely informative and awakening purposes. Don't believe everything you read on the internet! Make good use of it and always exercise caution, discernment and critical thinking. You are in charge of your life and your destiny, don't give control to anyone else! ❤definitely

Sophie Bogard graduated in 2015 - Promotion Calice - JM-2015-07


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