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Troisième oeil

Word Yoga
A secret writing

In the word "software" we mean  "log", from " logos ", the verb , " i" archetype of "intuition" and "heaven" which need not be defined.

The software, A Secret Writing (1653) is a new creation (1653) which leads to  unveil the secret at the heart of the numbers (1653) , because  The Intuitive Word of Heaven (1671) is he who bears the Light (1671) , he is a  miraculous phenomenon (1671) , which makes it possible to take into consideration the Great Spirit (1671) , then  the transmutation of being (1671) is made possible.

It therefore seems logical to make application software available to everyone to use "Word Yoga"© on a daily basis, like a new habit, a new tool that it is.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to "soul-wear" yourself with words in order to write, poetize, reflect, seek and understand the "wise dishes"...secret messages that words have for you.

Working like a dictionary, you will be able to:


         * Calculate the number that defines one or more words/phrases  

         * Access a database of several hundred thousand words, phrases or expressions

To get  tool access  "A secret writing" is .....  HERE  

the book "A secret writing" -  Kindle format here




or paperback here




Thank you very much to everyone  

Sophie Bogard

seed sower

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