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"Tout changement de conscience se fait par l'Amour,
alors que les sentiments et l'intellect sont structurés correctement."          
A. Petrov



Man is above all a being of information (in-formation, of internal, interior formation)  . Everything communicates in him (organs, cells, thoughts, nervous systems...) while he is  himself permanently connected to everything that surrounds him and that "influences" him (others, nature, energies, planets, elements...etc).  

It is a vibrational being, a complex open system which, when everything is working, is in a state of  optimum health.

A defective state of health (disease, somatic, psychological problems, emotional blockages, depression, etc.) signifies a disharmony at the heart of the organism. Something came out of the norm (etym. "norma", the rule, law). In effect,  the body, as an "orchestra", is constantly affected by what man thinks, feels, sees, hears or perceives, which generates disturbances in his emotional field which is very disturbed. Chaotic information takes precedence over harmonious information and sows disorder.  

Everything works like within an orchestra which must follow a score, a frequency, a wave of information, an order in a perfect  harmony. At the slightest "break", the whole orchestra is disturbed and disharmony sets in.  

"Health is the silence of the organs in the harmony of functions." Pfr Leriche  




   It is therefore, to recover optimal health, to restore order so that "the conductor" takes over the reins so that harmony returns. Not by "fighting", being against disease, problem or disorder, but rather by being for health, for harmony, light and love as paths of transformation. And this is where IN-FORMATION is crucial...

Change  information to restore order...because meaning brings order.

"  Enter another vibratory mode, become what you are" (1)

"To be a man is to be responsible.... It is to feel, by laying one's stone, that one is contributing to building the world." (4)

Why "Quorum Lumière"?  

        The word "Quorum" comes from the Latin quorum -desquels, whose - genitive plural of the relative pronoun who-  having given in our vocabulary "necessary number of people required in an assembly so that a vote can take place".

        The word "Light" comes from the Latin "luminaria"  , but there are 2 kinds of Light "Lux" and "Lumen". But here it is about "Lux", an active light, an acting force, the principle of "Fiat Lux" things, of beings, of movement...

Lux is different from Lumen which is daylight and which assumes shadow, it is secondary light, reflected or refracted, material. Lux is a natural agent and its quality is luminous; it gives existence to luminous bodies and delimits them. She is the EVERYTHING and CREATES EVERYTHING.

"Lux is the fundamental perfection of the Universe. Lux is also the origin of the hierarchy of the Universe,

therefore of the universal order.

It is the first substance spreading towards any other being. Lucidity is what attracts him,

it is the brightness of its splendour" (2).

Lux, as primordial Light, is therefore the essential support of information, it is "IN-FORMATION" since it is at the origin of the Universal Order. It is therefore the ideal tool and aid for initiating change through the information it conveys. Thanks to the information conveyed by the light, the body receives a call ( ad + pellere = to be pushed towards)  which encourages him to transmute disorder into order by activating the potential (pot in the sky) of self-healing.

   Quorum Lumière is therefore defined as a treatment that infuses the necessary quantity and quality of information corresponding to the person who receives it - Quorum-  through Lux (930) - The Eternal Light (930) -  to initiate the change from one state to another.  

It is an intention that is beyond the goal and yet it is thanks to it that it is reached, because it tends inwards ( in ), towards the center ( centripetal ), without direction, it is the power of total, global being.

The QUORUM LUMIERE© treatment was built from the Tree of Life schema  and consists of 11 "gestures".

It is first a question of getting in touch, to "feel" and "clean" at the cellular level, in order to insert, with the Light, "luminous seeds" (1201)  which, once deposited in the internal information system of the body, will "germinate" thanks to an "informational densification"  (1201) to open "new doors" and indicate the direction without forcing the passage.

              E=VS ...

              E/ energy =

              V/volume of information that consciousness can process  

              S/ Speed - Speed at which consciousness can process information

Awareness follows, a new state of BEING...more free and in perfect connection with the SELF. Consciousness comes into action energized by the movement of the spirit initiated by the "received" In-Formations.

"The effects of Quorum Light" (1815) allow the " self-healing potential" (1815)* to activate...

Changes can then take place.  

Session :

Lying down, fully dressed, the session (treatment + exchange) lasts approximately 60 minutes and requires no special preparation.

The sessions should be spaced 3 to 5 weeks apart.  

Price  : 60.00 Euros in office

      50.00 Euros remotely (appointment  and information on - sending a photo by email  )  

      Payment  by bank transfer (contact me)

Quorum Light®  invites to  turn your lead into gold... (3)

Warning :

All the disciplines known as "holistic medicine" or "parallel medicine" are above all techniques of well-being and spiritual development. They never replace medical treatment. If you are sick or think you might be, see your doctor. Never interrupt medical treatment without consulting your doctor. The information contained in this site is delivered to you for purely informative and awakening purposes.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet!

Make good use of it and always exercise caution, discernment and critical thinking. You are in charge of your life and your destiny, don't give control to anyone else.  




(1) The Yoga of Words - 1571: Become what you are / other vibratory mode

(2) C. Castanier - Chiron in houses

(3) The Yoga of Words - 1349: Quorum Lumière / transforming lead into gold

(4) Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Naî 2021- Quorum Lumière© - Creation S.Bogard - Aucoeurdulotusblanc

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