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TRANSMUTATION Harmonization, rebalancing, opening

TRANSMUTATION Harmonization, rebalancing, opening


Thanks to a beautiful reconnection to the Earth, this elixir harmonizes all the chakras and the energy bodies in order to rebalance the Yin and Yang polarities. A real balm for the heart, it will open the path that leads to Self-Love. Path that leads to accepting the "emptiness" that can create some discomfort, some confusion, to perceive and FEEL the pure potential it represents. FEEL that soon something sacred will be born in the heart of Self. It's as miraculous as the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.


188 888 891*

Numerical sequence of Grabovoi - expansion of consciousness

- Flacon compte goutte bleu de 15 ml

- Roll-on violet ou bleu de 15 ml

Conservation 4 à 6 mois à l'abri de la lumière

Huile végétale d'Amande douce bio / Conservateur extrait Pépins de pamplemousse bio/ 5 Huiles essentielles 100% pures, dont HE d'Amyris, de Carotte...

Expédié avec un livret détaillant toutes les huiles essentielles utilisées.

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