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Moving from Ego-centered Man to Eco-centered Being
allows a new awareness of one's identity to emerge.

"The needs of the planet are those of the person, the rights of the person are those of the planet"  

                                                        Theodore Roszak - Philosopher

Here, I suggest you take advantage of Nature as a place of medicine, to re-establish deep links with it in order to reintegrate together the living world.



What is Ecotherapy?

"Eco" comes from the Greek "oïkos", which means "house"

Therapy of "Therapeia" - taking care

Ecotherapy is a tool to "take care of your home", your Self, your soul...

It is therefore about using contact with Nature - our first home - to feel better by reinventing our relationship with the Earth in order to develop, nourish, and grow our "ecology (eco (house) logy (logos - verb, study, speech with the soul)  interior".  

Ecotherapy is "first and foremost, a personal development approach as well as psychological and psycho-somatic care whose specificity is to be practiced in interaction with nature... It includes work with the body and the 5 senses" to improve psychological well-being.  

“Ecotherapy is the process of healing the human-earth relationship

through connection and reconnection with natural processes" R. Greenway

It is therefore a question of doing sessions outdoors, in Nature using different exercises such as "Walk and talk", "forest bathing", but also exercises inspired by sophrology which allow you to use each sense. statically or in motion. 

One does not radiate what one is solely for one's own personal gratification,

but to bring others and the world the light they need...


The notion of “personal development” covers several areas.

For the journal Sciences Humaines, "personal development techniques aim to transform oneself: either to get rid of certain pathological aspects (phobia, anxiety, depression, shyness), or to improve one's performance (better communication, manage one's time, to assert oneself).

  "Every soul that rises, lifts the world" Gandhi

"Each soul has the task of "sky-essence"  to elevate one's own point of view

at such a height of consciousness that it merges with the whole."

1h30 session outside in the woods at the door of my office.

By appointment at

- 60 Euros

- Unemployed/student: 45 Euros - 2020 - Creation Aucoeurdulotusblanc

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