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Tarot Soul Mosaics

Tarot Soul Mosaics


The 22 major mysteries made in the form of unique mosaics (40x40) and texts written with the "Yoga of Words" tool. 


"The Tarot of Marseilles"(905) is an introspection tool carrying messages.

It tells a story, that of the Man who will "choose to progress"(905), because the 22 major mysteries are "life lessons"(671) which, throughout the initiatory journey, allow many


Expressing itself through symbols, the Tarot is a marvelous tool for self-knowledge and self-fulfillment. With this book, "Muriel and Sophie" (931) invite you to discover or re-discover this game (I), through beautiful mosaics that tell "the soul of the Tarot" (931), thus offering you enter “the spiritual journey of the Tarot” (2118) to live a “positive life experience” (2118) going beyond the “medium of clairvoyance” (2118) that it is also.

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