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I AM - Grounding, Security, Stability

I AM - Grounding, Security, Stability


Thanks to their great vibratory power, essential oils can help us heal our blockages, particularly through the energy centers that are our chakras. 


Elaborated in "L'Or des Incas", this elixir will help to harmonize the 1st Chakra called "Root", Muladhara in sanskit, which is linked to the first months of life. It contains the basic issues of emotional insecurity and physical safety as well as spiritual perceptions of our right to exist so that our basic needs are met...

Thanks to the synergy of woody and warm essential oils, a solid anchoring will take place both physically and mentally. At the same time, a great cleaning will be initiated to better circulate the energy. By discovering our true nature our connection to Mother Nature is then strengthened.

Digital suite / 111 111 111


Muladhara - Root Chakra - " Mula"  means "root" in Sanskrit and by the roots of this chakra  we will anchor, materialize  in matter our spiritual essence. "Adhara" means "support". Our 1st chakra therefore represents the work on which rests all the rest of our approach; without it nothing can exist. 

In terms of consciousness, this chakra represents:

- the will to exist

- the will to be

- the will to be embodied

- the desire to manifest

- the will to express things

Roll-on de 15 ml

Conservation 4/6 mois à l'abri de la lumière

JOLI PLUS 🍀 Chaque synergie est alchimisée, infusée et dynamisée en conscience (avec intention personnalisée sur commande).

Huile végétale de Jojoba bio / 4 Huiles essentielles pures dont HE de Tulsi, de Cèdre... /  Conservateur extrait Pépins de pamplemousse bio.

Huiles végétales et essentielles 100% pures

Expédié dans une petite pochette en toile de jute avec un livret détaillant les huiles essentielles utilisées.

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