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I PERCEIVE - Perception, intuition, awareness

I PERCEIVE - Perception, intuition, awareness


Thanks to their great vibratory power, essential oils can help us heal our blockages, particularly through the energy centers that are our chakras. 


This subtle blend has been developed to open and energize our 3rd eye, our 6th chakra, known as Ajna, the "command center". Seat of all awareness processes, this elixir will delicately stimulate it in order to open it to new perceptions.

To perceive is to "pierce to see", to see beyond the false prison of the mind.


"This perception of imprisonment, which can in no way be the reality, leads us to lock ourselves in there by keeping this erroneous point of view, frozen in this mental space which believes to be only the “person”.( 1 )


Thus freed and opened, our Ajna will allow us to reconnect with our pure intuition.


(1) Stéphane Colle - Pure Sound Experience

489 611 094 892*

Numerical sequence of Grabovoi for intuition.


6th Chakra - Ajna - which in Sanskrit means "authority", "command". It is the seat of consciousness. Consciousness is a  way of conceiving, an understanding that does not pass through the mind in the common sense of the term. 

Roll-on de 15 ml

Conservation 4/6 mois à l'abri de la lumière

JOLI PLUS 🍀 Chaque synergie est alchimisée, infusée et dynamisée en conscience (avec intention personnalisée sur commande).

Huile végétale d'Amande douce bio /Conservateur extrait Pépins de pamplemousse bio/ 5 Huiles essentielles 100% pures, dont HE de Tulsi, de Menthe Poivrée...

Expédié avec un livret détaillant chaque huile essentielle utilisée.

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