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I EXPRESS MYSELF - Liberation, openness, creativity

I EXPRESS MYSELF - Liberation, openness, creativity


Thanks to their great vibratory power, essential oils can help us heal our blockages, particularly through the energy centers that are our chakras. 


It is in sweet almond vegetable oil that this liberating synergy unfolds. This is  a faithful friend who came to accompany us on the difficult path of self-expression, through the liberation of  5th chakra, Vishuddha, "center of purification", for the Hindus, which is the seat of Hé, the 5th Hebrew letter, the creative breath.

Through the purifying, transmuting and clarifying action of essential oils, speech is freed in a creative way. It is the full expression of our "I Am" in all authenticity, without fear of being judged.

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*Grabovoi digital suite


5th chakra - Vishuddha - "Vi" means "beyond all comparison, analysis, beyond the created" and "shuddha" means "purified". The key word of this chakra is COMMUNICATION... "The Word became flesh". It is the communication tool of our physical body. It is through him that passes the understanding of the planes of Light and the possibility of entering into communication with them. 

Roll-on de 15 ml

Conservation 4/6 mois à l'abri de la lumière

JOLI PLUS 🍀 Chaque synergie est alchimisée, infusée et dynamisée en conscience (avec intention personnalisée sur commande).

Huile végétale d'Amande douce bio / Conservateur extrait Pépins de pamplemousse bio/ 5 huiles essentielles 100 % pures dont HE de Coriandre, de Cajeput...

Expédié avec un livret détaillant chaque huile essentielle utilisée.

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