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I AFFIRM MYSELF Maturation, confidence, deployment.

I AFFIRM MYSELF Maturation, confidence, deployment.


Thanks to their great vibratory power, essential oils can help us heal our blockages, particularly through the energy centers that are our chakras. 


Alchemized in the red oil of St Jean, this subtle mixture opens Manipura, the "City of Jewels" for the Hindus, in order to radiate its fire.

Then the qualities of clarity, self-confidence, bliss, assurance, knowledge, wisdom as well as the ability to make the right decisions unfold in the right way.

I affirm myself ... "ad-firmare", I give shape to what I am and I radiate.

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Digital suite of Grabovoi - self-confidence


3rd chakra, The Solar Chakra - Manipura - the "City of Gems", seat of Fire. Through this element, this chakra will be one of the first vectors of energy transmutation during the initiatory journey. It is our inner Sun.

- Flacon compte goutte bleu de 15 ml (mini roll-on offert)

- Roll-on violet ou bleu de 15 ml

Conservation 4 à 6 mois à l'abri de la lumière

4 huiles essentielles, dont HE de Mandarine, d'Encens... alchimisées dans de l'huile végétale de Millepertuis bio (photosensibilisante, ne pas s'exposer au soleil après utilisation) / 

Conservateur extrait Pépins de Pamplemousse bio

Huiles végétales et essentielles 100 % pures

Expédié avec un livret détaillant chaque huile essentielle utilisée.

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